The McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method is a worldwide leading treatment for the back and neck problems like slipped disc, sciatica, or postural back and neck pain.


The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is a method of assessment and treatment for spinal and limb pain developed by the New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. It has been a core component of physiotherapy treatment for over 30 years and it is practiced extensively throughout the world. It is a movement orientated approach that aims to provide the patient with the tools to help themselves in both acute and chronic problems.


Your first McKenzie Method consultation is usually longer than the standard physiotherapy session and takes at least 60 min. We use this time to get all the needed information about your problem. We ask about the detailed history and manifestation of your pain but also patterns and behavior of your symptoms, we also take the physical examination. All this detailed assessment provides us with the very specific information about your particular problem which is the base for the individually tailored and effective treatment.

The treatment itself is also slightly different. Patient being well educated by the therapist takes active part in all the healing process which is also the key to the success of this method. Basically you are the one who spends all of the time with your injured back, neck or limb so what you do with your body outside of the treatment room in your everyday life is essential and has huge impact on your therapy results, also the very specific for your problem exercise which you are prescribed by the therapist is more effective being performed on regular base than once off intervention provided by the therapist once a week or so. This complex approach considering all aspect of your life is a definite advantage compared to the traditional physiotherapy methods where patient takes only passive part in the process and treatment lasts average only 1h per week .With the traditional approach problems very often keep coming back and many patients attend all sorts of therapies for months or even years. The reason for this situation is that with that general approach spinal problems are often not addressed properly and never solved at the first place plus there is no prevention plan, and the root cause of the pain is never eliminated.

The McKenzie Method aims to provide you with the realistic to achieve long term solutions and tools. But don’t be discouraged it’s not that complicated you just need to be educated on what is good for you and what stops you from making progress. There are usually small but very specific ergonomic changes which make huge difference for your back or neck long term. The aim of the exercises which you are prescribed with is to bring your spine back to its alignment. In order to achieve that the exercise has to be individually tailored to your type of dislocation and your lifestyle for the best results. Once again the secret is the knowledge and understanding of the nature of your pain and providing you with the very specific treatment which also considers everyday aspects of your life, so the treatment and the therapy go alongside and cooperate with your lifestyle. We don’t want you to get better in the treatment room and then come back to your everyday activities and get bad again. We aim for you to get independent from the therapy and pain free for good.


– You will be thoroughly assessed by a competent physiotherapist trained and certified in the McKenzie Method
– We will explain in details the nature of your problem to you
– We will walk you through your treatment plan
– You will be also advised on what you can do to help yourself and how to eliminate the root cause of your problem from your everyday life so you can prevent the future pain episodes.
– You will be prescribed with the very specific for your injury exercises, positions and ergonomic advices, which you can perform at home for the quicker improvement and pain relief.


• Assessment

You will be asked a detailed set of questions about your symptoms. You will then be asked to perform a set of movements. How your symptoms respond to these movements provides the therapist with information necessary to devise a treatment program specifically for you.

• Treatment

Using the information from the assessment, the therapist prescribes specific exercises and postures that you will perform on a daily basis. These exercises may be supplemented by manual therapy provided by the practitioner.

• Prevention

Back and neck pain is a problem that tends to reoccur even over many years. During the assessment we aim to gain an understanding of how your symptoms behave. We use this knowledge to provide you with the very specific advices on how to eliminate the root cause of your pain and stop your pain episodes from coming back.


McKenzie Method is very effective for both chronic and acute patients suffering from back, neck or limb pain. Because of the very precise diagnostic system even patients with the very severe, sharp symptoms (sciatica, slipped disc, trapped nerve, bulging disc) can be treated in a safe way without the need of waiting for the scan results, on the other side chronic patients can finally be diagnosed properly and treated accordingly to their needs. Chronic Patients are often surprised with their quick improvement when they start to work with the McKenzie Method, the reason for that is that finally they receive the treatment which addresses the root cause of their problem in the most specific and individually tailored way, which considers their particular injury type but also their lifestyle, so the treatment plan looks at all aspects of your life to create the conditions for your injury to heal.


• A thorough and detailed examination allows your therapist to uncover the true nature and reason of your problem

• Localizing the problem helps to apply the most effective and specific treatment. – For example you may say that you know you have sciatica problem since that came up on your MRI scan, but the McKenzie Method diagnostics can go much further than that and find out also the degree and the direction of the derangement in the spine which allows to apply the more specific and more effective treatment strategy (as a comparison traditional physiotherapy doesn’t have those diagnostic tools and tends to treat all back or neck problems in a similar way which limits its effectiveness).

• We advice you how to take control of your health problem, how to prevent the reoccurrence of your pain episodes and what to do to help yourself when you need to.

• Unlike other therapies which aim to treat you over an extended time period and achieve only temporary relief. We aim to empower you with the skills to manage your own health for a long term solution.


The McKenzie physical therapy is very effective at treating back or neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerve, slipped disc, bulging disc, postural back or neck pain, but also muscle and joint pain.

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