Slipped disc treatment – back and neck pain relief

In Back2Balance Spine and Sports Injury Clinic we specialise in treating spine related back and neck pain like slipped disc treatment, herniated disc treatment, degenerative disc disease treatment, trapped nerve treatment. We use modern scientifically proven methods like McKenzie Method for the fast and long lasting results.

Spine showing its various conditions like herniated disc, slipped disc, thinning disc or degenerating disc

Spine showing its various conditions among them herniated disc and bulging disc. Back2Balance Spine and Sports Injury Clinic – Slipped disc treatment / Herniated disc treatment


Slipped disc is a common term used to describe the structural change in the spine alignment resulting with one of the spinal discs slipping out of the position and pressing on the spinal nerve root. This usually manifests with the back or neck pain sometimes associated with the referred symptoms like pain, numbness or pins and needles travelling distally from the spine towards the limbs or chest. Slipped disc can occur in every part of the spine like your neck, middle back or lower back. Another term describing similar situation is a “bulging disc” or ‘’ herniated disc in the spine”.


  • McKenzie Method is a world leading scientifically proven treatment for slipped disc since it brings the spine back to its alignment and gets rid of the slipped disc effectively
  • It reverses the mechanism of the injury and works directly on the root of the problem which eliminates your pain much quicker than any other method
  • 80% of the patients observe significant improvement in the first 1-2 therapy sessions
  • Many patients are happy to avoid the spine surgery by using the McKenzie Method slipped disc treatment.

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Slipped disc can happen as a result of static or dynamic pressure on the spine which over the time starts to manifest with the spine losing its structure and alignment. In other words discs in the spine start to slip out of their natural positions as a result of too much pressure and overload affecting the spine.   Static pressure is usually caused by the excess of the bad posture (driving, sitting on the desk in a way which takes the spine out of anatomical shape). Dynamic pressure is usually due to lifting or other situations being able to damage the tissues and affect the spine alignment (fall on the back, car accident, or repetitive bending forward – gardening, golfing).


In Back2Balance Spine and Sports Injury Clinic we work with the evidence based modern approach physiotherapy methods specialising in dealing with the spine issues. The example can be The McKenzie Method which is the world leading treatment for the structural spine problems like a slipped disc. This method provides us with the very detailed, advanced knowledge about the spine and its mechanics which allows to treat you in the most specific, safe and effective way.

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