The Back2Balance Spine and Sports injury clinic is a private practice offering expert treatment for a wide spectrum of problems. We can help you achieve your full potential by providing professional, modern physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage. We believe that integrated, combined therapy is the most effective, dynamic form of health care.

What we can do for you?

we offer: – thorough examination and assessment
– manual therapy: mobilization and manipulation techniques
– sports massage, deep tissue massage, -trigger points therapy, soft tissue release
-electrotherapy: ultrasound, laser, tens
-medical taping
-acupuncture and electroacupuncture
-exercise therapy and post surgery rehabilitation
-postural re-education and ergonomics
-pain management

why us?

– we work with the evidence based physiotherapy methods which allow us to treat you in the most specific and individually tailored way
– we combine many modalities and techniques for the best results
– we are successful at treating even chronic reoccurring problems
– we have time for you, our standard treatment takes 1hr which is double the time normally offered in other physio clinics.

Long term solutions

We want you to become fit and independent from the therapy ASAP. That’s why we also teach you how to help yourself to get better and how to prevent your problem from reoccurring, while continually monitoring your progress.

Here is more information about our services