Chronic shoulder stiffness – Seetal Somasundaran, Harold’s Cross

“I went to Edyta Jambor with a very stiff shoulders and shoulder pain. Edyta was very professional and friendly and was quick in assessing my symptoms and diagnosing that the issue was related to spine. She made me do some simple exercises which helped in reducing the pain and uneasiness. She also gave me practical tips of the posture and exercises that I should follow to reduce my back pain. Her techniques has been really useful for me to improve my issues which I have been having for a number of years.
Seetal Somasundaran, Accountant, Harold’s Cross

Long history of back problems – Walker, Rathmines

“I have a long history of back problems and negotiated major surgery 40 years ago as a result of rugby injury and six months of unsuccessful physio. My back spasms are rare nowadays as I focus on daily stretching and the McKenzie method of treatment. I worked with Edyta after recent severe problem that included pain down my leg- after six weeks of the treatment and religiously following her instructions, I’m fully recovered and have been pain free since then. I also use my McKenzie lumbar support to aid my posture while watching tv and driving. I would recommend this treatment for everyone with back complaints!
Walker, Rathmines

You saved me years of going to chiropractics in one session… highly recommend… Greg, Dublin

“After one session Edyta gave me 1 simple exercise which I am using whenever I needed. My back is fine since and I have a simple solution for myself and don”t have to go and pay for treatments anywhere, anymore. The key is to understand how things work and have and proper diagnosis done by responsible specialist like Edyta. Thanks a lot. You saved me years of going to chiropractics in one session.. highly recommend..Greg, Dublin

Auto immune disorder & low energy level – Walker, D6

” I have an auto immune disorder that impacts my energy level and general well being. I find that my weekly session with Edyta really helps in a variety of ways. I combine acupuncture with the Body-Mind Balancing treatment often drifting off in a state of total relaxation. My energy levels and sleeping patterns have all improved so I’d recommend this treatment to everyone with the hectic lifestyle or any auto immune disorders.
Walker, D6.”

McKenzie method helps where anything else doesn’t – Adam , Dublin

“I’ve been working as a chef for the last 12 years and always had a back and neck problems. Sometimes the pain was so bad that I couldn’t go to work. Over the years I went several times to chiropractics, done massage, even acupuncture and all of those helped.. for few hours or maybe few days and then terrible pain again. Eventually over the years pain was getting worse and worse. I was so desperate that I started to search for other options out there believing someone will figure out solution somehow. I came across Back2Balance clinic run by Edyta Jambor and she showed me completely different approach called McKenzie method. After detailed and precise assessment she gave me two exercises specific to my problems. She also helped me to find the cause of the pain which was due to my work. I made adjustments at work and I performed exercises exactly as she told me and guess what? I never felt any pain since! Unbelievable! I thought I gonna have to suffer till end of my life and after 2 sessions and couple weeks of exercises the pain was gone. The exercises weren’t even such a hard work. In the beginning I needed to do them few times a day but each time was literally taking only ten seconds. Thank you so much Edyta for giving me my life back. Highly recommend to anyone with back or neck problems as this McKenzie method helps where anything else doesn’t.

Adam , Chef, Dublin”

Lowe back injury – Monika, D3

“I went to Edyta a few weeks ago with a back pain that appeared after moving a wardrobe. Thanks to McKenzie method Edyta applied: exercises and a relaxing massage the pain subsided. I have a sitting job. I am still using a recommended lower back pillow that allows correct posture. Thank you Edyta.
Monika, Solicitor, D3”

Effective Lumbago Treatment

Lumbago is a common general term used to describe the pain in the lumbar region or lower back. There can be different origin of such a pain. Very often though it’s a mechanical pain coming from the structural problem or misalignment in the spine. These problems manifest with symptoms of sciatica, slipped disc or bulging disc. Patient experiences them as a pain in the lower back which sometimes radiates down to the buttock, lower leg or even foot.

In our clinic we specialize at very effective ways of treating this form of lumbago. The fastest way to treat the symptoms of sciatica or slipped disc is the McKenzie method, the method which really allows us to discover the nature and reason of your pain.

Only the right and fast diagnosis allows for the effective and long lasting treatment results. We are able to find out where is your problem coming from and how to fix it without the use of the expensive and time consuming scans like MRI.

On your first assessment with the McKenzie method  we ask you specific questions about how your symptoms manifest and behave. We also test you functionally and mechanically to observe how your symptoms react on certain movement strategy.

We prefer to use this individual approach since everybody and every back pain is different and requires very specific individually tailored treatment for the fastest results.

Then we usually find one the best for you but very easy to perform exercise which you do at home to strengthen your treatment and speed up your recovery time. We also educate you about the nature of your problem and give you ergonomic advices specific for your life style.

We want you to become fit and independent ASAP that’s why we teach you how to help your back to get better and how to prevent your problem from reoccurring while assessing you all the time in your process.