McKenzie method helps where anything else doesn’t – Adam , Dublin

“I’ve been working as a chef for the last 12 years and always had a back and neck problems. Sometimes the pain was so bad that I couldn’t go to work. Over the years I went several times to chiropractics, done massage, even acupuncture and all of those helped.. for few hours or maybe few days and then terrible pain again. Eventually over the years pain was getting worse and worse. I was so desperate that I started to search for other options out there believing someone will figure out solution somehow. I came across Back2Balance clinic run by Edyta Jambor and she showed me completely different approach called McKenzie method. After detailed and precise assessment she gave me two exercises specific to my problems. She also helped me to find the cause of the pain which was due to my work. I made adjustments at work and I performed exercises exactly as she told me and guess what? I never felt any pain since! Unbelievable! I thought I gonna have to suffer till end of my life and after 2 sessions and couple weeks of exercises the pain was gone. The exercises weren’t even such a hard work. In the beginning I needed to do them few times a day but each time was literally taking only ten seconds. Thank you so much Edyta for giving me my life back. Highly recommend to anyone with back or neck problems as this McKenzie method helps where anything else doesn’t.

Adam , Chef, Dublin”