mckenzie method in physical therapy

McKenzie Method – Best back and neck pain relief

The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is a method of assessment and treatment for spinal and limb pain developed by the New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. The method is particularly effective in treatment of postural back and neck pains and spine related problems.


mckenzie method in physical therapyMcKenzie therapy is very effective for both chronic and acute patients suffering from back, neck or limb pain. Because of the very precise diagnostic system even patients with the very severe, acute symptoms (sciatica, slipped disc, trapped nerve, bulging disc) can be treated in a safe and effective way without the need of waiting for the scan results. On the other side chronic patients can finally be diagnosed properly and treated accordingly to their needs. Chronic patients are often surprised with their quick recovery when they switch to work with the McKenzie Method, since they receive the treatment which addresses the root cause of their problem in the most specific and individually tailored way. The idea is that the treatment is very precise and considers not only your very particular injury type but also your lifestyle. Here the treatment plan looks also at all aspects of your life to create the best conditions for your injury to heal.


  • A thorough and detailed examination allows your therapist to uncover the true nature and reason of your pain
  • Localizing the problem helps to apply the most effective and specific treatment. – For example you may say that you know you have sciatica problem since that came up on your MRI scan, but the McKenzie Method diagnostics can go much further than that and find out also the degree and the direction of the derangement in the spine which allows to apply the more specific and more effective treatment strategy (as a comparison traditional physiotherapy doesn’t have those diagnostic tools and tends to treat all back or neck problems in a similar way which limits its effectiveness).
  • Unlike other therapies which tend to treat you over an extended time period and achieve only temporary relief McKenzie Method empowers you with the skills to take control of your pain for the long term results
  • Precise diagnostic system allows to apply the most individually tailored treatment so the results of the McKenzie Therapy are much quicker than with the traditional approach
  • 80% of clients notice significant improvement in 1-2 therapy sessions


The McKenzie physical therapy is very effective at treating back or neck pain, sciatica, trapped nerve, slipped disc, bulging disc, postural back or neck pain, but also muscle and joint pain.
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Robin McKenzie founder of the McKenzie Method talks about the main principles of his therapy

The McKenzie Method experts describe the main characteristics of the McKenzie Treatment

Call us for FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to get know how you can benefit from the McKenzie Method Treatment: 0862425567